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Drains and Chlorine Baths

What is a Chlorine Bath?


   A Chlorine Bath is a service where we drain your pool entirely using our gas powered water pump.  We then pour a mixture of liquid chlorine and water over your entire pool.  The chlorine and water mixture effectively removes the majority of stubborn stains while also completely disinfecting your pool.  Chlorine bathing a pool does not fade your liner or remove paint from concrete pools. 

CONTACT US for Price.  By Appointement Only

   *Even if your pool looks like a toxic waste dump, you SHOULD NOT drain the pool unless absolutley necessary. See signs -->


There are only a rare amount of instances that a swimming pool ever needs to be drained!  Draining a pool unnecessarily is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make.

It is EXTREMELY dangerous!

Signs your pool may need to be Drained and/or Chlorine Bathed:

  • Pool water is black in colour.

  • Substantial amount of debris within pool.

  • Substantial amount of debris related stains on the pool walls and/or floor.

  • Pool water has a major "overdose" of chemicals.

  • Pool has not been in use for multiple years.

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