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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  When is the best time to Open and Close my pool?
   The most popular time is mid May right before the long weekend (May 24).  If you have a pool heater, open in April to early May.  If you do not, you most likely want to wait until late May or early June.  The most popular time for pool closings is mid-October.  Book your Opening or Closing early to ensure you reserve the date you want.


2.  Can I turn my pump off for half the day to save money on electricity?

    We recommend constant 24 hour circulation of your system to avoid many issues. Your pool will need atleast 12+ hours of circulation everyday to properly circulate and filter the water in order to keep it clean. It only takes a day of non-circulation before your pool water may start turning green in the summer heat.  The extra cost of chemicals to get your pool water back to being clear will offset your electricity savings. We suggest connecting a timer to your pump switch if you choose to run your pump only half the day.

3.  How much will it cost to run my pump non-stop each month?
   A brand new 1hp pump running continuously will cost approximately $40-50 a month. Results will vary with pump output, age, efficiency, debris loads.


4.  How long until it is safe to swim again after adding my weekly chemicals?   

   We recommend waiting at least 4 hours.  Although it is not unsafe to swim prior, you may end up with red eyes and a strong chlorine smell on your clothes and skin if the chemcials have not had suffient time to circulate, and chemcial gases to evaporate.


5.  Will a Solar Blanket heat my pool?   

   No.  A solar blanket only retains heat.  Only put your solar blanket on when the outside air temperature is lower than the pool temperature (for example, at night).  Your pool will heat up far quicker on a hot summers day with it off.


6.  Why are you cheaper than other companies?   

There are two main reasons:

1)    Champion Pools does not have a storefront.  This results in low overhead and operational costs.  We then pass these savings onto you!
2)    We give you the option of including a vacuuming during your Opening or Closing at an additional cost.  If you choose to vacuum your pool yourself, you save us time, and that saves you money!

7.  Do I still have to add and balance chemicals if I have a salt-water pool?
   Yes, and luckily for you, fewer chemicals are needed to balance your pool water.  We recommend periodically (weekly or bi-weekly) testing of stabilizer levels (60 - 80 ppm), Free Chlorine (2 - 4 ppm), pH (7.2 - 7.6), and salt levels (2500 - 3400 ppm).  Alkalinity and Calcium hardness should be checked every month.  Under regular circumstances, you should only have to add salt once a month.

8.  Do you just open and close pools?
   No.  We offer a full service and sales department. The only thing we don’t do is build swimming pools.

9.  When should I Backwash?
   At the end of every week, or after every vacuuming.

10.  When should I empty my skimmer basket(s)?
   We recommend checking to see if your skimmer basket(s) are full every couple of days.  If they are full, empty them.  Remember to replace them when done.

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