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Gas-Fired Pool Heaters


  A swimming pool heater is a vital piece of equipment for most outdoor swimming pools. It adds value to the pool by extending the amount of time that can be comfortably spent in the pool, prolonging your swimming season into the chilly spring and fall.

  The big benefit of gas fired pool heaters is that they can quickly heat your pool to your desired swimming temperature, regardless of outside temperature or weather conditions.

Other benefits:


  • Energy Efficient 80-96%

  • Provides instant heat

  • “Set it and forget it” with automatic thermostat

  • Incredibly durable and rugged, built for all weather conditions

  • Your family’s memorable moments will last longer!


  Depending on outside temperature, a 266,000 BTU heater will heat a medium sized pool (16’ x 32’) an average of 1¼ degrees Fahrenheit an hour.


Pool heater operational costs

The good news:

With most modern pool heaters, the initial and ongoing running costs are considerably less than many pool owners anticipate. The home pool market now sees many competing manufacturers, an extensive variety of pool heaters powered by new and improved technologies, plus increasingly low and energy efficient pool heater running costs. 

  Additionally, save on heat loss by purchasing a solar blanket from Champion Pools so that you can retain the heat your pool has gained each day, and minimize evaporation loss!

  In simple terms there has never been a better time, or a cheaper time, to buy an efficient swimming pool heater!

Prices vary based on volume of pool, and make and model of pool heater.
Gas hookup is performed by a certified gas techncian.

CONTACT US for a quote!

CONTACT US for a quote!

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