Sonic Leak Detection/Location

Concerned that your pool may have a leak?


Here are some signs of a pool leak:


  • Your are losing more than 1/4" of water a day, without pool use or extremely high temperatures

  • Your pool, spa or fountain has air in the system

  • You see cracks on the walls or floor of a cement pool, or tears in the pool liner

  • The deck of the pool is sinking or raised

  • There are wet spots around the pool equiptment area

  • You add water more than once a week

  • You have a larger than normal water bill

If you are experiencing ANY of these signs, call us immediatley to set up a LEAK DETECTION/LOCATION appointment.

2021 Pricing (subject to HST)


Pressure Testing - $250.00


  • Determining if a leak is present within the pool liner (visual inspection and bucket test)

  • Pressure Testing of the pools plumbing to determine if a leak is present.

  • System reassmbly

Leak Location - $700.00


  • Sonic leak location of leak/leaks within the pool plumbing system

  • Marking each leak with a chalk mark on the pool deck to identify leaking locations

  • NO CHARGE if we are unable to accurately locate the leak. Some leaks require special equipment that we do not carry. In which case we will refer you to a specialist in leak location.

Underground Plumbing Repair - Starting at $800.00 for first plumbing repair. Additional $200.00 for each thereafter.


  • Cutting a square hole in the pool deck with concrete saw

  • Digging down under deck to expose broken plumbing

  • Complete underground plumbing repair at the location of leak

  • Pressure Testing of new repair to ensure no water loss

  • Back filling of hole (using existing fill)

  • Re-Pouring of Concrete pad

Liner Leak Repair - Approx $300.00

In situations where the pool plumbing is leak free, and we cannot visually identify a leak in your liner, then a Diver service may be required.


  • A certified Scuba diver will come to your pool and perform a dye test in a grid pattern over your entire pool to identify any pin hole leaks within your liner or fittings

  • The diver will patch or plug any leaks that he finds.

  • He will also advise you of any potential problems he see's with your pool liner and answer any questions you may have

  • *Note that this diver is out sourced from Champion Pools.  We do not up charge for his services. We only facilitate the appointment and you pay him directly.