Champion Pools
James Leckey
14 Seclusion Crt, Whitby, Ont. L1N 0A6
 Tel: (416)-992-0070
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2019 Opening Prices (subject to HST)

Openings include:


  • Pumping water and debris off winter cover.

  • Wash, roll and store winter cover.

  • All debris bagged and left at curb (bags provided).

  • Deflation and storage of water tubes.

  • Reassembly of all pool deck equipment.

  • Reassembly of return “eyeballs” and lights.

  • Complete assembly of pool filtration system. (Includes heaters)

  • System start-up to ensure filtration system is functioning properly.

  • Fixing of all minor drips.  *does not include plumbing repairs* 

  • Skimming of pool.

  • Brushing of water line.

  • Addition of 23L of liquid chlorine.

  • Rinsing of pool deck.

Price DOES NOT include vacuuming:

NOTE* We can only vacuum pools that are clear.

* Additional $30.00 for pools 16x32 and smaller.

* Additional $60.00 for pools 18x36 and larger. 

* Price only valid during the pool opening. 

* Other restrictions may apply. 

* Excessive debris charge may apply if pool has been neglected.

*Additional $60.00 for attached Spa Opening.  This is necessary component if applicable.

 Spa Openings include:

  • Draining Spa.

  • Complete cleaning of Spa.

  • Reinsertion of all jet nozzles and suction covers.

  • Re-filling of Spa using your water supply.

  • Start-up and inspection of Spa circulation system

2019 Opening Pricing:

  • 14’x28’ and Smaller= $249.00

  • 16’x32’= $269.00

  • 18’x36’= $289.00

  • 20’x40’= $309.00

  • Over 20’x40’= $359.00