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14 Seclusion Crt, Whitby, Ont. L1N 0A6
Tel: (416)-992-0070
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2020 Opening Prices (subject to HST)

Openings include:


  • Pumping water and debris off winter cover.

  • Rinse, roll and store winter cover.

  • All debris bagged and left at curb (bags provided).

  • Drainage and folding of water tubes.

  • Reassembly of all pool deck equipment. (Ladders, Deckjets)

  • Reassembly of return “eyeballs” and lights.

  • Complete assembly of pool filtration system. (Includes heaters)

  • Same day system start-up to ensure filtration system is functioning properly.

  • Fixing of all minor drips.  *does not include plumbing repairs* 

  • Skimming of pool.

  • Brushing of water line.

  • Addition of 23L of liquid chlorine.

  • Rinsing of pool deck.

  • Visual System Inspection/Report on Invoice.


Our PROFEESIONAL VACUUMING is performed with our GAS POWERED pump. No debris will enter your pump, filter, heater, or any other system component (unlike many other companies).

NOTE* We can only vacuum pools that are clear.

* Additional $50.00 for pools 16x32 and smaller. (Highly Recommended)

* Additional $80.00 for pools 18x36 and larger.  (Highly Recommended)

* Price only valid during the pool opening. * Other restrictions may apply. 

***Additional Fees apply to pools that require a serpate cleaning/vacuuming visit.

* An Excessive debris charge will apply if there is excessive debris on the winter cover (4+ bags of debris). An additional $5/bag fee will be added.

* A WINTER SAFETY COVER will eliminate stagnant water and debris. Click HERE to upgrade!!!

*Additional $85.00 for attached Spa Opening.  This is necessary component if applicable.

 Spa Openings include:

  • Complete cleaning of Spa. (Drain and scrub spa with chemicals, chemicals included)

  • Reinsertion of all jet nozzles and suction covers.

  • Re-filling of Spa using your water supply.

  • Start-up and inspection of Spa circulation system

2020 Opening Pricing:

  • 14’x28’ and Smaller= $269.00

  • 16’x32’= $299.00

  • 18’x36’= $319.00

  • 20’x40’= $329.00

  • Over 20’x40’= $379.00+