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Pool Pumps

It's time to Upgrade!

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The swimming pool pump is the heart of the pool system, just like the engine is the heart of your vehicle. Your pool pump is a major component of the filtration process.

The average life of a pool pump is 4-6 years...IN PREFECT CONDITIONS. 

How The Pool Pump Works:

When your pump is turned on, the electric motor spins an impeller inside the pump housing. The impeller drives the water from the various suction inlets (skimmer, vacuum line..etc) into the pump basket trapping any large debris within the water and prevents it from entering the impeller and clogging it. The clean water then continues to pass through to the filter and back out the returns (jets).

If your pump has any of the following symptoms, it is time to replace your pump:


  1. Ceased impeller (impeller will not rotate, creates humming sound)

  2. Water leak from internal seal

  3. Worn out motor assembly

  4. Loud level of noise during operation (rattling, grinding, humming etc…)

  5. Excessive corrosion

It's time to UPGRADE!

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Pentair SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pump!

Standard Hayward Pump


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