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Salt Water Conversions

A pool represents a retreat, an oasis, and a reward at the end of the day.

Convert your pool to salt-water to simplify your maintenance and increase your enjoyment!

Experience the Benefits!

A salt-water pool is still a chlorine based pool. The difference is that the salt water passes through the electrically charged conversion cell and produces its own chlorine. This chlorine then flows into your pool in small, continuous doses that do not irritate your skin unlike large weekly “shock” treatments. The salt also gives the water a naturally clean and sparkling appearance. With a salt-water pool you will say goodbye to the days of remembering to add large quantities of chlorine each week to keep your pool clean.  

Your water will simply feel better. It provides a sensuous, silky-smooth feeling to the water.  It is great for those who suffer from sensitive skin conditions.  In the end you will save money, have less maintenance, and be healthier, all at the same time. CONTACT US for quote.


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