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All-Inclusive Weekly Maintenance Service

Prices start at only $95.00/Visit!

Includes Basic Chemicals!


  • Skimming of pool.

  • Complete vacuuming of pool.

  • Emptying of skimmer and pump baskets.

  • Backwashing and rinsing of filter.

  • Brushing of steps and ladder (if applicable)

  • Testing and balancing of chemicals.

  • Chemicals included: Granular and Puck Chlorine, PH adjuster, Alkalinity balancer, Stabilizer, Salt. 

  • Weekly completed service checklist including chemical test results.

  • *Conditions Apply* 

  • The Homeowner is required to maintain the pool/chemicals between visits.  

  • The Homeowner is responsible for maintaining a correct water level in all cases.

  • Additional details of service and pricing are outlined within our weekly cleaning service contract. 


All-Inclusive Weekly Maintenance:

Note - *Price listed is per cleaning.

Subject to site visit and HST. 

Contracted price may vary.

Pool Size -

  • 14’x28’ and Smaller= $95.00

  • 16’x32’= $100.00

  • 18’x36’= $105.00

  • 20’x40’= $110.00

  • Larger than 20'x40'= call for quote

*Conditions Apply* 

  • Attached Spa = Add $30.00

  • Bi-Weekly = Add $25.00

  • Monthly = Add $50.00




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